Wooden structures

Pinecore Factory

All Pinecore wooden structures are pre-build at our factory in Retreat Cape Town.

Our wooden structures include:


Our clients can choose wooden structure plans as designed by Pinecore's architect.

These wooden houses are built with local SA Pine and are treated to withstand the extreme weather conditions of South Africa.

Wooden houses can be built for use as a primary residence, guest house , playhouse for children, seperate teenager pad or for live-in parent/s OR as a home away from home.

The wooden structure is treated against rot, insects and fire to ensure a safe and sound structure for a life time.

A structural engineer will ensure that all wooden buildings and wooden structures meet the required safety standards.


Log homes can be constructed as an alternative to a wooden house.

Log homes are ideal for residential homes,holiday resorts,beach houses etc.


Our wooden decks are manufactured with Balau wood.

Wooden decks are popular for use around the swimming pool, Jacuzzis, braai areas, porches and restaurants.

The decks are aesthetically pleasing and will add a natural touch as well as value to your property.

All wooden decks are also treated against elements.


Wooden fencing can be used to fence off an entire property or just a section of the property like a swimming pool or back yard to ensure privacy.


Wooden sheds are very practical as a storage solution.

Store anything, from gardening equipment to garden furniture in a wooden shed.

Wooden sheds are an cost effective alternative to permanent storage structures and don't require any approved building plans.

We build

  • Wooden houses
  • Log homes
  • Wooden fences
  • Wooden decks