The DIY House


Design 1
Covered Veranda 2m wide
(Colour example: Stone and White)
Design 2
Uncovered Veranda 3m wide
(example is 1 of 5 co-joined chalets)
Design 3
With extended covered Veranda
Interior Example Open plan Ceilings
open ceiling groove ceiling
Exposed Trusses Optional Tongue and Groove Ceiling

The "Pinecore House" is specifically designed for Pinecore and available in three sizes - see sketches below. Architectural plans are provided with every order.

Please TAKE NOTE : This is not a bungalow, instead this is a proper residential house.

All 3 sizes are also available in KIT form for the DIY enthusiast or prefer your own builder.

The DIY KIT consists of:

  1. Outside walls
  2. Flooring
  3. Roof trusses
  4. Roof sheets
  5. Sisilation
  6. Accessories to complete the project
  7. Step-by-step manual
  8. Transport within a 50km radius
  9. Flooring can be provided as :
    a. panels - sanded and sealed
    b. loose tongue and groove floorboards

Optional Extras.
(Should you prefer your own sourcing, otherwise provided by Pinecore.)

  1. doors and doorframes
  2. windows and windowframes
  3. Internal Rhinoboards for cladding walls and ceiling
  4. Partitions
  5. Internal doors
  6. Paint or woodseal
  7. Skirtings
  8. Cretestone
  9. Cement
  10. Isotherm

Excluded, but not limited to:

a) Glass
b) Plumbing
c) Electrical
d) Bathroom sanitary wares and fittings
e) Kitchens and fittings
f) Tiles
g) Gutters
h) Transport over 50 km radius.

OPTION 1 : Romeo

OPTION 2 : Juliet

OPTION 3 : Mid Summer Night Dream